Karaoke party with friends

Do all your week-ends look alike and are your evenings just annoying to you? Break this monotony and take advantage of a memorable moment with your friends by opting for an offbeat evening. Put classical activities aside and burst into song for a karaoke party at Vik, Suger Street – Saint Michel square. Our 3 private rooms are at your disposal to have a festive evening. To make your evening even more exciting, we provide you with a cocktail bar where you’ll be able to treat yourself to our tasty tropical and exotic drinks.

For a fun evening

Th Vik is a convivial and warm place; it is the perfect place to spend a joyful evening with friends. We you give the opportunity to have an exceptional karaoke party with high-performance equipment and playlists that are updated on a regular basis in private rooms where you’ll be sheltered from strangers’ mockeries. All sorts of events can be celebrated at the Vik, you can celebrate your birthday and make your evening outstanding while being surrounded by your friends.

A festive and convivial atmosphere is necessary in order to have a successful karaoke party. We make sure that those requirements are met and do our possible to facilitate your integration into the laid-back atmosphere of the Vik.

Sing and savor!

To the great delight of our customers, we provide you with a wide range of exquisite and refreshing cocktails once you’re done fooling around so that you can recover your strength before performing you’re the next song. It will bring an exotic touch to your karaoke evening. A successful and unforgettable musical evening is waiting for you.

While you’re taking a break, delicious tropical and exotic fruits cocktails are available at the bar. Nectars, drinks and traditional exotic cocktails are also available to spend a relaxed and fun evening. You can savor our creative drinks with your friends. We can assure you that there’ll be a funny atmosphere filled with giggles. Come test it and loosen up in a frenzied Noraebang party with friends!