Some sparkling beverages for your breaks

For your break, we’ve delicately prepared delicious and exclusive tropical and exotic fruits cocktails. You can choose between an uplifting and sparkling Grenadine made out of pomegranate and mango, a fabulous tropical cocktail in the manner of a smoothie that has the taste of pineapples, of coconut water, of lime and passion fruit, a tropical fruits punch, a fresh and slightly acid combination or a non-alcoholic drink made out of raspberries and pineapple that you can drink without moderation. You’ll also find nectars, traditional and exotic drinks and cocktails made out of papaya, ginger, mango, banana and guava. All this is made available for you in a bar with a Korean-inspired decoration for a relaxed and fun night. You can savor our creative drinks, either they’re alcoholic or not while you’re surrounded by your friends and family. What else can you ask for?

A cocktail bar in a « cocktalaized » area

With all your dancing and singing, there’ll come a moment where you’ll need to take a break. It is therefore necessary for you to turn to the cocktail bar at the end of your performances and your fooling around or simply when you’re feeling exhausted to choose your favorite drinks and recover your strength so that you can finish your evening on a high note. It will surely bring a fresh touch to your festive evening with your friends or family.

A moment of wellbeing and conviviality

To your great delight, we provide you with a wide range of exquisite and refreshing drinks to give you a jump start and fill you with energy for the rest of the evening. It will allow you to bring a pinch of exoticism to your karaoke party while you’re surrounded by your family, friends or work colleagues.