There are 4 possibilities to have fun at the Vik

If you want to listen and dance to music coming from foreign places, the Vik invites to come. Whether you’re:

With your family: break out of the routine!

If all your family evenings seem to be annoying, boring and have a dull atmosphere, you should think about bringing a slight touch of exoticism to them. We invite parents and their children to break their monotonous family life by coming to the Vik to spend 2 hours of craziness and party. Your night is definitely going to be memorable!

With your friends: to have an exceptional night

Do all your nights look alike and are you getting bored on week-ends? Do you want to organize an original karaoke party but don’t want to do it in your place because it’s messy and you don’t want to have to clean it all up the day after? The Vik is here to welcome you along with your group of friends to sing, dance, let yourself go and do your little song to be at the centre of attention!

Bachelor/bachelorette party

Is your friend about to get married and you want to organize his or her bachelor or bachelorette party to spend a delirious, emotional, crazy and joyful night with him or her? An unforgettable night is waiting for you at the Vik where you’ll have a bachelor or bachelorette party worthy of the greatest stars.

With your work colleagues

Do the days spent with your work colleagues seem to be monotonous and do your talks seem to be awkward and contrived? We suggest that you go on a company outing at the Vik where you’ll really find good ways to break the barriers and break the ice between the employees. It’s an excellent team building activity to strengthen the cohesion of your team.