About us

About us:

The Vik Noraebang decided to embark on the adventure of revisiting the Korean karaoke which is really iconic in Asia in 2017. It is located in a very old way in Paris, in a peaceful place which is sheltered from the fuss of Saint Michel square and its surroundings. It welcomes you in a warm and convivial manner in its different spots.

Our karaoke animation team pays careful attention to the perfection of service throughout your evening.

Singing is often associated with an act that reflects peacefulness and sincerity. We invite you to come to enjoy the thrill of it and to take advantage of the warm atmosphere of a soundproof room.

A Karaoke Box at the heart of Paris

The Vik is located near the Shu with its Asian food and Saint Michel villa with its traditional French gastronomy. The Vik offers its customers a convivial atmosphere for their evenings and their amusing and festive meetings with their friends, family and work colleagues. It has got a wonderful vintage corner that looks just like the basements and cellars of some Seoul’s areas. That corner allows you to throw private or professional parties. It has 3 private rooms that were decorated with great care and which draw inspiration from Korean design. They’re adjacent to a beautiful cocktail bar to quench your thirst while you’re taking a break with delicious tropical and exotic fruits cocktails being surrounded by your friends and family in a convivial atmosphere.

We invite to come to spend a convivial and an unforgettable time in a very good atmosphere. You can privatize your soundproof and meticulously maintained room that pays tribute to the Korean design and decoration.

We have a large and varied repertoire containing more than 1000 songs : French songs (Johnny Hollyday, Patrick Bruel, Serge Gainsbourg, Georges Brassens, Céline Dion, Mylène Farmer…), English songs (David Bowie, John lennon, James Blunt,  Adele, Zayn Malik, Graig David…) and plenty of international songs. It’s up to you to choose which ones you want to sing to!